Focus on what you DO want

Greetings and Happy Spring! Photo by Gábor Juhász on Unsplash Long before “The Secret” movie and book hit the scene in 2006, I was teaching my clients – both individuals and organizational teams – about the Law of Attraction.  This law states that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.  Our thoughts and feelings create a vibratory frequency around us that can be felt by others, not seen.  It’s as if we are tuned in to a radio station.  For illustration purposes, let’s call it 95 on the FM dial.  If what’s playing on […]

Spring 2021

A new season, a new beginning…. Greetings and Happy Spring! This month, I’m sharing a few resources that you may find useful. 1.  How to handle Zoom fatigue. Chad Littlefield, founder of Me and We, has some interesting tips to avoid the real fatigue that comes from being on screen all day.  You can watch here for his tips (11:03 minutes.) Walking meeting by phone anyone? 2. If you have trouble making time for Covey’s “Quadrant of Leadership” – the important, yet not urgent activities that only you can do, you might like  On this site, you are paired with another person from […]

Sending Love In An Email

What do you do to show love in business? Greetings! I was chatting with a friend this morning who was discouraged about how hard it is to reach people by phone when prospecting in these pandemic times when you often can’t find people in an office.  He was faced with a day of emailing and clearly felt it was a burden. We shifted the attitude and mood with this challenge:  What can you do to make every email you send one that will light up the person receiving it?  Email stands for Electronic mail but can just as easily be thought of as […]

How to Master the Inner Game of Sales

How to Master the Inner Game of Sales: Siobhan Murphy & Jeff Goldberg Jeff Goldberg interviews business coach Siobhan Murphy about secrets of effective selling that start with you.