21st Century Thinking

We are living in interesting times!
The 2020’s will be one of the decades that transforms life as humans have known it into something very different and new.

It helps me to believe we chose to come to the planet at this time to experience and participate in the most enormous shifts in human consciousness we’ve ever experienced as a species.  It’s truly chaos – great opportunity riding on dangerous winds.

David Houle, futurist and author, says we are now moving from Legacy Thinking (20th Century) to true 21stCentury thinking.  He adds that it will be normal to experience cognitive dissonance as we go back and forth between the two during this time of transition.  Author Jean Houston says we’re being upgraded to a whole new operating system.  We can expect the ride will be a bumpy one, but exciting.

What is 21st Century thinking?

It involves new skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, coaching and creativity as we remake our human institutions to suit the needs of this time.   We will have to unlearn old ways of being and thinking and embrace, learn and re-learn these new skills.

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