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Most of humanity is in some sort of pain that comes from over attachment to the contents of their life and little identification with the real power that we do have.

Read the article to learn how to dis-identify from the concepts that create suffering. Claim your power through a simple “daily hygiene” routine. In Siobhan’s article, you will learn what dis-identification is, how to practice it, and what benefits can be yours.

Download the recorded meditation to practice dis-identification with Siobhan. This recording is in mp3 format and is just a little over 8 minutes long.

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About Siobhan

Siobhán (an Irish name pronounced Sha-vaun) Murphy is an Executive Coach and Speaker for business leaders who want to be more inspirational in the way they evolve themselves and engage their workplace. Known as a maven of personal and business growth—and voted one of the most Influential Women of the Year in 2010—she has facilitated transformations for visionary clients. Siobhán has been able to change her client’s experience of work and the larger impact they have by drawing from her Mary Poppins-like bag of innovative strategies and processes.

“Siobhan embodies a powerful blend of intelligence and playfulness, compassion and honesty, concrete problem-solving and creative heart-storming. It’s both thought provoking and soul-lifting to work and play with her!”