Coaching Culture

The Quest Connection is proud to be the Licensed Facilitator of ESSENTIAL IMPACT’s Excelerator™ Coaching Programs in the USA.

Essential Impact’s focus is on building coaching cultures to enhance internal teams and build trust, improve communication and ultimately drive business results.

What is a Coaching Culture?

According to Forbes Coaches Council, a coaching culture is a culture where your employees are supported to learn new skills and become greater assets to the company.

A coaching culture is an environment in which most people use coaching principles as a way to lead, manage, influence, or communicate with one another

“In coaching cultures, almost everyone knows what coaching is and many people – including all of the leaders and managers – have training in coaching methods, know how to coach, and are able to lead through coaching.” Essential Impact

Why is a coaching culture important?

“A coaching culture helps people at all levels improve employee engagement, empowers people to excel at their tasks, emphasizes the importance of personal and professional development, rewards creativity, and helps people take pride in their responsibilities.” Embedding a coaching culture moves your team beyond mundane annual performance management and into proactive development throughout the year. One on one coaching creates a consistent and measurable framework that fosters discovery, feedback, reflection, and progress.

Tell me about the Excelerator™ Coaching programs

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photo credit: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

We create an optimal learning environment to develop skills which drive and sustain a culture shift that improves efficiency, increases employee satisfaction and grows internal leaders. We provide the necessary components for creating this systemic transformation through our proven coaching services. Essential Impact programs are specifically designed to provide the necessary experiential learning and theory required to support employees using coaching skills directly in their lines of work immediately after leaving the classroom or Zoom room.

The Essential Impact learning experience is all about active engagement.
We believe in “learning by doing.” Our programs activate many aspects of effective learning, through activities ranging from reflective written exercises, to group coaching, and one-to-one skill practice. Learners leave an Essential Impact program with a clear understanding of where they are, where they want to be, and how they are going to use coaching skills to get there.

In Excelerator Coaching™ for Leaders Workshops, your participants will:

• Understand what non-directive coaching and a coaching approach to leadership are, and how they can benefit leaders, employees and the organization
• Learn how to leverage coaching conversations to create accountability and drive results
• Explore the shift from a managing mindset to a coaching mindset
• Demonstrate core coaching skills
• Have tools and models for coaching to draw upon
• Have confidence in applying a coach approach in everyday leadership
• Learn and begin to apply the principles of the Excelerator™ Coaching Model: Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Excel and Evolve.

Participants are provided with ample opportunities to participate in non-directive coaching, receive feedback, as well as debrief coaching sessions led by one of our experienced facilitators. This program encourages a deeper exploration of the principles of non-directive coaching and how they can be applied in the workplace to address real challenges.

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