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The Excelerator Coaching One Day Program

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The Excelerator Coaching™ One Day workshop will be held at in Plainview, NY (Long Island) on Wednesday, November 6th from 9 am to 5 pm.

This professional training is for Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Coaches and other Professionals who would like to use a coach approach to their employee and client interactions.

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What is Excelerator™ Coaching?

Quite simply, it’s the workshop that gives managers and leaders the principles, tools and skills that will give you the power to quickly implement a “management coaching approach”. Coaching has been proven time and time again to be the most effective method for bringing forth your employees’ full potential by making people more aware of their own behavior so that they can function more effectively.

What you will experience?

The Excelerator Coaching™ program is a highly interactive program. Learners get enough theory to understand the basic effects of coaching on the mind and how that helps people being coached make sustainable changes. Each brief introduction to the skills or concepts of coaching includes immediate opportunity to practice the skills using living case studies working with class mates. Learners will coach and be coached thereby experiencing the process from both sides, this double edged experience is critical to establishing the validity and understanding the power of effective coaching.

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners who want to create more engaged workplaces
  • Leaders of organizations in charge of change initiatives
  • Managers who want to tap the potential of their staff to create new solutions
  • Consultants and other experts who want to add a “coach approach” to their client interactions
  • Coaches who want to add a new model to their toolkit and gain CCEU credits

Here’s what our participants said:

“Coaching provides me with a different and much less confrontational approach which is as good for me as it is for my client. It actually takes away the stress piece generally associated with the confrontational route where winning (by whatever means) is generally the clients requirement. Winning has a different definition through coaching, even in matters which commence as confrontational issues.”

Pat Sheridan, Principal
1 Stop HR Limited, Cork, Ireland

“I appreciate the caliber and scope of this program, the depth of materials, the experiential learning environment. It is the doorway to a new paradigm of communicating. Excelerator™ Coaching is helping us transform our workplace.”

Erna Hagge, Head of Coaching Services
University of British Columbia

“This course “helped me see how asking questions goes much deeper than giving advice or simple direction.”

“Coaching brings your thinking to a whole new place and changes situations.”

“I’m more confident in how to approach the issues in my office.”

“I learned some great discovery questions as well as how to structure the session to get the most benefit.”