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“Excelerator™ Coaching is helping us transform our workplace”

That’s just one of the rave reviews from the field, as more and more organizations are utilizing the Excelerator Coaching model.

What is Excelerator™ Coaching?

Experience Excelerator Coaching in a One Day format

Quite simply, it’s the workshop that gives managers and leaders the principles, tools and skills that will give you the power to quickly implement a “management coaching approach”.
Coaching has been proven time and time again to be the most effective method for bringing forth your employees’ full potential by making people more aware of their own behavior so that they can function more effectively.

And, since coaching allows employees to reach their own conclusions, it provides truly sustainable motivation and results, with an unprecedented level of personal accountability that makes all the difference when it comes to workplace productivity.

Using this technology, our vision is to allow every individual to be a valued contributor to their organization, and in return feel fully developed and utilized by the organization.

When you put Excelerator Coaching into action some remarkable transformations take place, including:

  • A level of passion about work because of an increased level of interest and enjoyment
  • A newfound ability to spread that passion to colleagues and clients
  • A dramatic increase in revenue as you begin to see the passions translate into profits


<p >A recent study by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. showed the following results from Excelerator Coaching:

  • 57% improvement in productivity
  • 77% improved communication
  • 60% improvement in team work

<p >Who should participate? <p > Managers responsible for change initiatives.
Business owners who want to develop their staff.
Any manager involved in Organizational Development.
Consultants and other experts who want to use a coach approach. <h2 >Here are some inspiring success stories<p >I appreciate the caliber and scope of this program, the depth of materials, the experiential learning environment. It is the doorway to a new paradigm of communicating. Excelerator™ Coaching is helping us transform our workplace.”

Erna Hagge, Head of Coaching Services
University of British Columbia

“I am discovering that I really like the coaching approach. My years in the front line of confrontational labour relations, established in me a certain ‘Have Gun, Will Travel’ attitude which is no longer a requirement for what I do. Coaching provides me with a different and much less confrontational approach which is as good for me as it is for my client. It actually takes away the stress piece generally associated with the confrontational route where winning (by whatever means) is generally the clients requirement. Winning has a different definition through coaching, even in matters which commence as confrontational issues.”
Pat Sheridan, Principal
1 Stop HR Limited
Outsource HR Services
Cork, Ireland

For a case study of what’s possible when people really matter using the Excelerator Coaching system, click here.

You can either take the Excelerator program via teleclass over a 12 week period (if your participants are geographically dispersed) or we can come to you if you have a large group of managers.
When fully integrated into the corporate culture, these tools of empowerment have a long and track record of dramatically transforming the performance of organizations and boosting profits dramatically—and it can do the same for your company.