Talent Management

Unleash your most valuable assets … your people

We want an organization of 20,000 learners and 20,000 teachers.
~ Judy Gilbert, director of talent, Google

Did you know that 95 million  employees in the United States alone are not engaged or are actively disengaged  in their work?

Did you know that even high performers in excellent organizations—large  and small, for-profit and non-profit—frequently report that 30% to 40% of their talent that could be applied at work lies untapped?

Are you looking for a fresh  approach to engage your employees and create a culture of talent development in  your organization? Want to learn how to  tap the only true and lasting source of motivation—self-motivation?

Are you frustrated that time, money, and resources limit the reach of your talent development programs, often restricting them to “high potentials?” Interested in how you can reach up and down and across your organization with a program that scales easily so that you can offer it broadly and get everyone engaged  and contributing?

The Take Charge of Your  Talent Program helps you fully develop the talent assets of your organization  to increase creativity, productivity, and satisfaction. In contrast with  top-down succession plans and other talent development strategies, Take Charge  of Your Talent taps your participants’ own interests, energy, and aspirations.  It applies the latest scientific knowledge about constructive thinking to  catalyze rapid results. What’s more, these tools scale efficiently so that you  can reach deeply into your organization.

In addition to the book, Take Charge of Your Talent, we offer:

  • Workshops and Programs. We customize offerings for the needs of both commercial and non-profit organizations to stimulate a take-charge talent culture in your organization and enduring results.
  • Coaching. We provide coaching for executives who want to build and sustain Take Charge of Your Talent cultures.

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Take Charge of Your Talent Workshop

“I recently attended several presentations conducted by Siobhan on the program, “Take Charge of Your Talent.”  Siobhan facilitated the sessions very effectively. She displayed a professional manner in her delivery and in her response to questions/concerns. The material was very well organized, which made it easy for attendees to participate.  I recommend Siobhan as a trainer and coach. I applaud her efforts in assisting others with focusing on and developing their talent.”

Mary Durkin, Human Resources/Training Professional


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