Team Selling

Sell to Serve, Play to Win™

Everyone sells for a living, whether you are a service provider, an employee, a CEO or carry a line of products. Your income is directly related to your ability to connect with people and discover what they need.

When people say they don’t like sales, they often mean they don’t like manipulating, pushing and dishonesty. But many people love connecting, sharing and serving.

Our approach to selling is all about service and lighting up the person on the other end of the phone line. There is no hard selling or get ’em techniques in our training. We offer you an opportunity to learn the real art of connecting with people who just happen to be your customers. Discover how lighting people up and appreciative inquiry will move more people and dollars towards you.

Learn how to begin or improve your service/sales calls with Siobhan Murphy and get real time experience playing on a sales call team. We team up with you and your clients for a day of making Sales Calls together.

Who can play:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Virtual Office workers

All benefit from the structure, support and tools provided by the Coach.

What our participants are saying:

“More PO’s in two hours than in the past two months!”

“Just knowing we were all together got me to make calls I had been avoiding.”

“Having a day on my calendar to make calls gave me mental freedom before the day began.”

“This was fun!”

Siobhan urged us to engage more of our company in client service through a Game Day we called Client Appreciation Day. Her facilitation engaged the staff in new ways to connect to our clients and led to more sales, developed new skills among our players, and was fun to boot! D. Sweeney, COO, EnergyWatch

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