Visioning a new future – especially useful as you think about future plans and want to step back and listen to what wants to happen now through you and your business. This workshop is for Leaders and Senior Managers to create a compelling picture of the future through conversation, reflection, writing, images and exercises.

Outcomes: Deeper discussion about the purpose of the business/organization and what’s important to all stakeholders. A statement of vision or close approximation is a common outcome. This conversation can inform marketing plans, website upgrades and other financial investments and is often done in advance of those efforts when clarity and buy-in are desired.

Communications Theatre –This model takes participants “from Battleground to Playground.” It discusses four levels of communicating: Drama, Problem solving, Play, and Reverence. Participants learn a powerful model of four relational stances and then practice these approaches using real life examples through “real” play. Even the observers learn the model by watching it acted out. The overall goal of the model is to move from battleground to playground in our interactions and to operate more in the realm of creative possibility during the workday.

Outcomes: Laughing! Participants now have several different ways to approach the same scenarios when they leave the off-site. The whole team has a common language about how they might approach any situation with a client or with a colleague.

The Great Question Action Coaching Game™ to deliver questioning skills for managers. This 3 hour program gives managers and supervisors experience in asking coaching questions so their direct reports can discover solutions themselves.

Is it possible for your clients and workshop participants to learn the powerful skill of asking great questions, learn to communicate effectively, improve their listening skills, integrate their learning and have fun all at the same time?” It is if they’re playing the Great Question Game!™

The Great Question!™ game provides you with a way to help your clients and workshop participants learn the skill of asking Great Questions in an engaging and interactive way. Learning to ask great coaching questions can be a challenging (and sometimes frustrating) task. It requires focus, a great deal of willingness, enthusiasm and a magic, sometimes elusive, shift to a new way of listening and thinking.

Outcomes: The Great Question!™ Game provides you with a unique way to bridge the gap for your clients and workshop participants between hearing about this skill and putting it into practice. All while having something we adults need more of … FUN!

Sales Teams: Let’s Team Up to Make More Sales

This workshop is designed to support a team in making client connection calls in an uplifting way. The Coach works with the team throughout the day to support them in making sales calls that “light the client up” while ensuring the team stays in high gear throughout the day. Can be done in ½ day or full day sessions. Especially helpful for outbound telemarketing centers and Account Executives making appointments.

Your Personal Leadership Point of View

Interactive workshop to evoke the growing edge for Leaders and put action plans in place to move their Personal Development forward. Uses “Visual Explorer” tool.

Leading through Change – Change Management workshop

To familiarize Managers with the “Stages of Change” that employees experience and to assist them in leading change efforts more effectively. Using a Systems tool, managers work through an existing change challenge to identify how best to support the change and what will derail the efforts.

5 Powerful Questions to review the year, your business, a client situation, etc. This workshop is an excellent way to hear what’s on people’s minds and assess needs of the organization. Participants learn a tool that can be used to evaluate a program, an account, a meeting or a process and moves them into action to create next steps.

Team Building Retreats

Custom retreats or programs can be created from existing modules to introduce new team members, bring together different parts of the organization, or raise morale.

Thank you for your presentation, it was very entertaining and educational at the same time. I like the role playing as opposed to lecture and could see the value- as I am sure my HR colleagues did- in bringing a program like this into their company for their managers.
Lucille Mavrokefalos
President, New Life HR Solutions
Co-Chair – HIA HR Committee