Millionaire Mornings

A while back, I heard a TED Talk about procrastination, something many leaders wrestle with at some point in their career.  The speaker suggested that when you hit the “Snooze” button on your alarm in the morning, you are actually starting your day by procrastinating!  It completely reframed the way I thought about those extra cozy minutes in my bed in the morning.  So, I put my phone (which I use for my alarm) in another room entirely, so that I’d have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm.  Once up, I committed to beginning my morning routine with gusto! Another […]

Ask, Ask, Ask

Jack Canfield, in his book The Success Principles, talks about the need for successful people to ask for what they want.  We ask for orders, sales, referrals, testimonials, insights, connections, etc. Most people do not ask for enough help. In fact, asking for help is viewed as a weakness by many people.  I’ve found that the “do-it-yourself kit” doesn’t really work.  The larger life I want to live, the more support and help I need. Jack even suggests becoming an “ask-hole!” : ) So what project are you working on?  Who can help you?  If you could only eat and have sex, what help would you ask for?  By […]

The Great Pause

During what I’m calling “The Great Pause,” here are a few coaching questions for you: Who do you want to BE during the Pause? An island of calm? The voice of reason? A beacon of light? Something else? What do you want to stand for during this time? I want to be a Beacon of Light and to stand for the potential we have to create a wonderful new world through this experience so life is even more wonderful after the Pause. You? Please let us know here. #coaching #coachingculture #loving #thegreatpause #being #thequestconnection Siobhan

Fish where the fish are: Five simple tips for attracting the right people to your business

Guest blog post by Tim Brennan, Chief Visionary Officer of FitFirst Technologies. Placing ads on job boards, hoping people will send you their résumé, just isn’t enough any longer. Even if you get quantity, you have no control over the quality of the candidates who apply. As we study our clients’ successes, five practices have emerged as game changers: Fish where the fish are. Be clear who you want to reach, and what bait to use. Do you want to reach people who are semi-retired and looking for something to get them out of the house? Moms who want to […]

Onboarding Someone New

{4 minutes to read} When someone new joins an organization, one of the biggest derailers can be their inability to assimilate well into the culture. Another obstacle is relying on past skills that worked for them in their old job when new skills may be required. They think that what got them here will get them there. It costs organizations approximately 30% of salary to recruit, hire and train a mid-level manager, and it takes some time for them to start contributing. Leaders can assist their new hires to assimilate quickly and contribute to the organization faster. With some planning, […]

Onboarding Someone New By Siobhan Murphy