Executive Coaching

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. You are helping us all grow, and we greatly appreciate


– Patty Keenan, Chief Learning Officer, Miller Electric

Miller Electric

“I had already decided to renew my Coaching engagement with Siobhan Murphy, when I mentioned to both my wife and my business partner that my renewal decision was approaching. BOTH of them expressed that I HAD to continue with her because they had never seen me so calmly focused. That certainly verified my decision: Not only was I feeling stronger, calmer and more confident on the inside, it was also evident on the outside to those closest to me. Siobhan helps me focus on what’s most important, is a safe and confidential sounding board, and brings a unique perspective to my professional and personal life.”  – Rich Isaac, CEO, Sandler Sales Institute

Executive Coaching

Coaching with you is the best thing I do for myself– I can go to my deepest places and come out with creative approaches that inspire me and transform scary situations into powerful results. I use my coaching experience with you as a touchstone for my passion about how coaching can change the world.

Carollyne ConlinnM.B.A.,M.P.H., President

Working with Siobhan as my coach has been so helpful. I’m very happy with the results. I’ve become a better listener to my staff and implemented “Executive Think Time.” The results of focusing on my business instead of in my business have reaped great dividends. I learned so much through coaching by stepping back from the fray and focusing on my highest priorities.

Tom ParenteCEO, Diamond Security Inc.

Listening to a tape of our call reinforces for me why you’re so good…your instincts and ability to feel the flow of things and move them in a legitimately uplifting, positive direction (understanding what I said and meant and lifting things forward) is absolutely excellent.

Ken BertinoPhiladelphia, High-Tech Executive

I hired Siobhan when I was in transition and deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up. Over the course of our time together, she helped me figure out what I wanted, what I didn’t want and how to fulfill my passion. Much of my success is due to Siobhan constantly challenging me until I found what made me tick. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone looking to take their life, both personally and professionally, to the next level.

Randi BussePrincipal, Workplace Development Group

Siobhan thoroughly listens to her clients and retains essential information which she utilizes in providing constructive guidance. When suitable, she recommends replacing ineffective actions with alternatives based on a combination of marketable measures and inner passions. Siobhan challenges her clients to pursue career choices that not only satisfy their financial needs but are also spiritually fulfilling. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is striving to be fully engaged in a satisfying profession.

Greg Girgenti

You helped me get in the right mindset for my series of interviews and I got the job!

Paul Napoli

Siobhan has helped me tremendously, especially now at the beginning of my career. Whether it was constructive metrics or just some plain old advice, everything I gained from my encounters with her has helped me. My outlook on my career path in general has changed for the better!

Robert Whitcomb

In just two coaching sessions, I not only have clarity, but actions steps to achieve my goals. I feel that I have direction and now I am working towards my life’s purpose. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Our conversations were not only structured and organized, but you kept the call flowing so that we could make the most out of our time. My money was well spent and most importantly, my time was as well.

Alina R. Haitz

Corporate Retreats and Workshops

Thank you for all you hard work to make this day a smashing success!  My whole team came away with such hope and clarity, it was just what the doctor ordered.  Everyone told me how much they appreciated it and commented on what a Professional you are.

Robert Scott, Director of Operations, POM Technologies

I recently attended several presentations conducted by Siobhan on the program, “Take Charge of Your Talent”. Siobhan facilitated the sessions very effectively. She displayed a professional manner in her delivery and in her response to questions/concerns. The material was very well organized, which made it easy for attendees to participate. I recommend Siobhan as a trainer and coach. I applaud her efforts in assisting others with focusing on and developing their talent.

Mary Durkin, Human Resources/Training Professional

It was sooo enjoyable to have a speaker that is a class-act. After many disappointments with speakers who sell themselves with little content, you were wonderful.

Zev Asch, LEDAZA INC., Board Member & Marketing Committee Chair LIASB

The best retreat ever!!! That was the feedback we got from the group, which was pretty high praise coming from a very demanding crowd. You did a fantastic job. I know what you taught us, with some great role playing by participants, has changed the way I interact with people.

Martha Stark, VP, Signature Bank

Siobhan provided sales training for our team of branch managers and BDOs at State Bank of LI. She was a delight to work with and brought a fresh approach. I also used Siobhan for a highly successful seminar for our small business clients on “focus planning” — a technique for creating a plan for the year ahead. I’ve also participated in Siobhan’s public seminar programs and always find her work refreshingly thought-provoking. I’ve gained important insights on coaching from her — especially the fact that it is more effective to lead adults to their own best answer than to tell them what to do. It is a pleasure to recommend Siobhan as a coach and trainer. And, as strong as she is professionally, she is even a better person!

Doug Vergith, Sales Vice President

We created better relationships with our colleagues and gained a better perspective on the growth of the company and its foundations.

Director, PR Firm

This was a very productive session. You made us focus on our goals, structure our thoughts and work as a group. We learned about each other.

CFO, Small Business

My role in the company is clear. Seeing our past vision become real is very valuable.

Selected comments, Small Business Visioning Meeting

Coming up with the vision statement helped me in clarifying my approach for the future. I felt my team bought into a common vision.

I. HasanVice President of Quality Services, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Awesome. Our best meeting.