The 15 Minute Miracle

I’ve been practicing a way to keep my vibration high every day. It’s called the 15 minute miracle. (See

Here’s how it works.  Use a timer and grab a notebook and a pen. Set the timer for 7.5 minutes. Write at the top of a page: I am so happy and grateful for: and keep writing until the timer goes off. It’s amazing to me how many wonderful things occur each day that may escape my grateful attention until I start writing. For example, today, I am grateful for a lovely visit with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for lunch. We caught up on family and enjoyed each other’s company including meaningful conversation. I’m grateful for my local florist who created two lovely bouquets for me today, one of which was free as I’m a frequent shopper! I appreciate the hug I got from my 3 year old neighbor, John, who is delightfully curious about all of our activities and for the welcome home greeting from another 3 year old in the neighborhood named Gavin. I appreciate speaking with my brother on the occasion of his birthday today and the memoires I have of meeting him for the first time when I was five. And so it goes for 7.5 minutes. Then I turn the page, set the timer for another 15 minutes and start writing about the future things I want to bring into my world: I am so grateful that I now attract: Tickets to Spain at a wonderful rate, a business manager for my business, the perfect attendees to join me in my new venture called “Harmony in the Home.” Continue writing for 7.5 minutes getting into the feeling of having those items right now.

What I’ve noticed since I began this practice is that my wish list comes down to some basic essences. It’s not the stuff but the experience. So, I want freedom, expansion, fulfillment, etc. And when I’m clear about the essences, I can focus on the areas in my life where I already have those essences. Vibrating in those essences today, I more easily attract more of the same in the future.

Try it! It’s only 15 minutes and it feels great!