The “What if….?” Game

There’s a new game to play with your mind! Joe Vitale, of “The Secret” fame, wrote about this in his blog. ( Many of us use our imagination in a negative way. When we feel threatened, we start thinking “what if”… and then some awful fear we have. You know: What if I lose my job, what if I can’t retire, etc. Or while skiing, what if I break my leg? I imagine you have your own personal nightmare you can visit if you let yourself!

Well, the what if, up! game takes a new approach. Instead of “what if, down…” you can play “What if…something wonderful occurs.” So, fed up with all the negative news about “the economy”, I decided to play “What if…Up!” instead.

What if the changes to our economy make me a more thoughtful purchaser of goods and services?

What if this environment makes me more innovative in my business? A better negotiator? A stronger salesperson?

What if I’m able to tap more resources of courage, resiliency and creativity than before?

What if I bring my spending in line with my most important values?

What if I now take time to enjoy the parts of life that don’t cost anything?

What if this “correction” allows me to make better choices for myself?

What if these changing times bring me to a simpler existence that gives me more space and less stuff?

What if it challenges my creativity in the kitchen?

You get the idea! If it has come to you, it has come for you. (Not against you.) I can hardly wait to see what good is coming from the changes of recent times! There, I feel better already.