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Jack Canfield, in his book The Success Principles, talks about the need for successful people to ask for what they want.  We ask for orders, sales, referrals, testimonials, insights, connections, etc. Most people do not ask for enough help. In fact, asking for help is viewed as a weakness by many people.  I’ve found that the “do-it-yourself kit” doesn’t really work.  The larger life I want to live, the more support and help I need. Jack even suggests becoming an “ask-hole!” : )
So what project are you working on?  Who can help you?  If you could only eat and have sex, what help would you ask for?  By starting with such an extreme, you can list loads of things that you can ask for help about.
My ask:  R&D Team
I’m working on a project for Conscious Emerging Leaders (ages 25-45.)  To that end, I’m forming a Research and Development team.  In exchange for an early look at the content, participants will give me feedback on titles, topics, priorities, timeframes, etc. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this team, please contact me at
If you’d prefer to give input via a survey, click here:
Letters from my last newsletter  

In response to my article last month about “What we focus on expands” and the need to focus on what we DO want, not what we DON’T want, I heard from videographer Dave Lent.  Here’s his experience:
“I love your comments/quote about negative/anti messages. During all of my 40+ years as a news cameraman covering demonstrations of all kinds, I was always struck by the "End ___!", "No more ___!", "Stop ___!" banners and chants. I knew from my early media studies that the human brain cannot grasp the idea of "end homelessness" or "stop the war"; it needs something familiar to visualize, such as "Create prosperity," "Build homes for people," or "Re-design the roles of Police."

Is this nearly universal habit of giving messages a negative spin done more to express anger than to get what we want? And the anger serving as a mask for our fear, of course:)”
What do you think?
Have a wonderful rest of the summer,
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